Thursday, March 8, 2018

GummiBand Hair Cords Review

Last year when I attended Generation Beauty Toronto by IpsyOS I learned about hair cords. I was gifted a few of them and decided to try them out. I became a huge fan and wore them non-stop. A few months ago I was introduced to GummiBands and I fell even more in love. As much as I liked the other cords I used, these ones are so much better. I find the quality of these ones are much better than the ones I've previously used. They don't stretch out as much and they give a stronger hold. 

One of the big reasons why I love GummiBands so much better than the leading brand is that they are Canadian! Being Canadian myself, I love being able to support a company based in my own Country. GummiBands is an all female ran company that currently employs 15 amazing ladies from places including Canada, India and The Philippines. The ladies at GummiBand also have huge hearts, they support women around the world in developing countries by helping them out with loans to either start of build a business. Pretty amazing right?

The GummiBand cords come in tons of different colours including ones geared towards your hair colour (black, blonde & brunette) along with super gorgeous colours to add a pop of personality to your hairstyle. (My favourites are Clear & teal!) 

GummiBands are;
-Hypoallergenic (They do not absorbs water or sweat so they don't breed bacteria)
- Suitable for all hair types 
- Gentle on hair (reducing styling and damage and breakage)
-  Reusable For Years (when they stretch out, to get back to original shape use hot air from blow dryer or place in hot water)
- 1 Year Full Replacement warrenty
- A 4 Pack Retails for $7.99 CAD and include free Canada Shipping! 

What I love about these hair cords are the fact that they don't leave that annoying line in your hair that a regular hair band leaves from having your hair up. They also don't tug at your hair or rip any hair out. I think one of the main reasons why my hair has been so healthy and growing fast is from using hair cords. They also are so stinkin' cute!

GummiBand has given me a coupon code for you to get 2 EXTRA GummiBands with the purchase of every 4-cord pack! Use Code BONUS15 in the notes section! Also if you post about the cords, don't forget to use the #gummibands hashtag!

*I was sent these for review 

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